Port Modernization

Since about more than 90% of India's trade by volume is conducted via the country’s maritime route, there is a continuous need to develop India's ports and trade related infrastructure to accelerate growth in the manufacturing industry and to assist the 'Make in India' initiative. India has 12 major ports and approximately 200 non-major ports administered by Central and State Governments respectively.

Giving special emphasis to modernization of Indian ports under Sagarmala, 234 projects at cost of Rs. 2,91,622 Cr. have been undertaken for implementation. Out of total 234 projects, 94 projects worth Rs. 31,517 Cr. have been completed and 65 projects worth Rs. 79,958 Cr are under implementation.

New Ports: 14 projects related to development of new ports with estimated investment of Rs. 1,70,842 Cr. have been identified. Three projects at Honavar in Karnataka, Chhara in Gujarat and Kakinada SEZ in Andhra Pradesh are currently under implementation and further new port development expected at 11 locations across India which broadly includes Vadhavan in Maharashtra, Transhipment Port at South Bay of Andaman Islands, Ramayyapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, and CNG Terminal at Bhavnagar Port etc.

Port Modernisation Major Ports: There are 166 projects worth Rs. 68,625 Cr. being implemented at Major Ports in India. Projects under the category have been largely identified through Detailed Master Planning exercise carried out under Sagarmala Programme. Out of 166, 90 projects worth Rs. 26,098 Cr. have been completed already resulting into port capacity addition for >230 MTPA. Further 38 projects worth Rs. 22,232 Cr. have been awarded and currently under implementation. While increasing the capacity of major ports, MoPSW has been striving to improve the operational efficiencies through mechanization, digitization and process simplification. As a result, key efficiency parameters have improved considerably during the last 5 years.

Port Modernisation Non - Major Ports: There are 45 projects worth Rs. 47,166 Cr. identified under the Sagarmala Programme for implementation at Non-Major Ports. 4 project worth Rs. 5419 Cr. have been completed so far whereas 17 projects Rs. 27,673 Cr. are currently under implementation. 31 projects out of 45 are being implemented in PPP mode with total investment of Rs. 45,973 Cr. MoPSW have also financially supporting eight projects at non-major ports to enhance their capacity and efficiency during operations. Dredging at Puducherry port is 100% supported under Sagarmala.

Ship Repair: Out of 7 projects worth Rs. 3,968 Cr. identified under the Sagarmala Programme undertaken for ship repairs, 4 projects costing Rs. 2993 Cr. are currently under implementation. Apart from the upgrading of existing ship recycling yard at Alang, three projects have been taken up in A&N Islands, two projects have been undertaken by Cochin Shipyard Limited and one each at Chennai and Karaikal Port.