Sagarmala Institutional Framework

Institutional Framework of the Sagarmala Programme

The institutional framework for implementing the Sagarmala Programme is designed to create a coordinating role for the Central Government. It aims to provide a platform for the Central, State Governments and Local Authorities to work in tandem and coordinate under the established principles of “cooperative federalism” in order to achieve the objectives of the Sagarmala Programme and ensure port-led development.

Sagarmala Body Composition Role
National Sagarmala Apex Committee
  • Chaired by Minister of Shipping
  • Cabinet Ministers from stakeholder Ministries
  • Chief Ministers / Ministers in charge of Ports of Maritime States
  • Overall policy guidance
  • High level coordination
  • Approve National Perspective Plan
  • Review various aspects of planning
  • Review and guidance for implementation
Sagarmala Coordination & Steering Committee
  • Chaired by Cabinet Secretary
  • Secretaries from relevant Ministries / Departments
  • Chief Secretaries of States whose projects are included in agenda
  • Review progress of implementation of NPP, Detailed Master Plans and projects
  • Provide Coordination between the efforts of various ministries, state governments and agencies
  • Consider issues relating to funding of projects and their implementation
  • Examine financing options available for project funding
State Sagarmala Committee
  • Chaired by Chief Minister / Minister in Charge of Ports
  • Relevant Dept. & agencies
  • Coordinating and facilitating Sagarmala related projects
  • Take up matters on priority as decided in the NSAC